What I do

As a consultant

With the support of a small network of talented individuals, I provide consulting services in management of complex, prospective, technology-oriented projects. Clients include: the European Commission (DG COMM), UNDP, FEDICT.
In my missions, whenever appropriate, I emphasize “creagility” :

  • creativity allows to see the problems faced by companies in a different light, and seek innovative solutions.
  • agility, used in the developement and planning process, allows to adapt to the ever-changing conditions that markets are facing today.

As an entrepreneur / startup coach

bring a fresh perspective to complex issues, identify technological opportunities, develop answers, build business case, validate with market, write business plan, pitch to VCs, raise funding, hire & coach team, identify sales channels, develop partnerships.

As a speaker

I’ve been addressing audiences large and small about various technological & entrepreneurial subjects, at conferences including First Tuesday, Wireless Wednesday, Mobile Monday, in an international setting (Brussels, London, Berlin…)

Typical mission

Get involved with a growing startup to strategize and deliver its next stage of development : new product / market, expanding into European markets, etc.

Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss any project that you are considering : roald(at)roald(dot)com