A taste for glocal

I am a strong believer in the “glocal” (global/local) view of business.

I a flat world, people and team can collaborate around the globe and around the clock.

Still, local connexions and relevance needs to be instilled for any project to take root in a local market.

This is something I had already experienced back in 1999 with a first web 1.0 startup : I had filed a patent for the intellectual property with Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco, most of the strategy and marketing was handled from Brussels, and significant parts of the technical development were offshored to a team of developers in Hyderabad, India.

Since then, the trend has grown tremendously, as well as my interest for this new, “flat world”.

In the past couple of years, I’ve travelled for business purposes to Budapest (Hungary), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Shanghai (China), Delhi (India) to take the pulse of business in these growing markets.

I am always happy to meet and network with fellow entrepreneurs around the world, so do not hesitate to get in touch through my contact info or LinkedIn profile.

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